Just before the holidays, we got through with the third issue. We'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed in any way (for instance: this site was coded with the help of our beloved friend b4d). Thank you all, we love you.

Vitor Cervi, one of the creators of this project, was responsible for this issue's cover. He was kind and patient enough to give us some stills of his hand-made process.

-Truly sorry for the delay. After many holidays and health problems (and the lack of time - that still sucks), we got through with the second issue. We'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed (with their art or just helping in some way): Thank you, we love you.

-We're currently lookin for partners and sponsors to make a printed version of T.I.I. Don't know how yet...maybe a book or an exhibit. If you think you can help us in anyway, please contact us.

-We're always receiving questions about how to contribute. Well, to do so you must be invited. If you wish to be invited send us a link to your online portfolio, right?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's only been a day and we've received lots of emails congratulating us and already have been linked at cpluv, brasilinspired, uailab, french'n'fresh, lounge72, coolstop, pingstate and many blogs and fotologs. Thank you all for the support!

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Finally! The International Illustrated is online! We're sorry for the delay. There still might be some bugs to correct and we'll be fixing them on the next days. Anyway you can already browse our magazine, so enjoy it and tell everyone you know. Cheers and thanks for everyone that contributed!

The International Illustrated is a magazine created by two brazilian designers - us - to evoke and inspire a different sense around designing and illustrating. Born of a joint effort, this project is a matter of fun. By inviting a small group of artists to portrait a theme, we hope to build an escape from the common corporative work that designers have been forced into. Not that this should become a manifesto. We only want to express things in an old-fashined way free of technological worries. Hopefully in the next months we'll bring up some new stuff, perhaps in other formats. That's it. See it, and if you wish, write us.

Julio - www.tenisvermelho.com
Vitor - www.vitorcervi.tv

cover by Ponhol
This issue runs under the label Other Names for the Devil. In spite of the deadline we got 47 pieces inspired by the unnameable being that lives under us all... or not.

cover by FdeFlavio
First there was no theme, but now we think that "DO WHAT YOU WANT AND FUCK THE REST" sounds just nice. Guess it makes no difference at all... or somehow it's the only thing that matters.

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cover by redshoe
Our first issue's theme is war. We think there's no need to say why. We encouraged the participants do portrait it in an original way and it's interesting to see how it can be shown so differently although it's surrounded by cliché.

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Cover: Vitor Cervi
Danilo Brandão
André Greppi
Daniel Stolle
Fabio Avenoso
Fabio Avenoso
Anna Vepsä
Anna Vepsä
Rafael Nascimento
Estúdio Mopa
Rodrigo Braga
Jean Pierre Marquet
Jean Pierre Marquet
Nicky Stewart
Cris Oliveira | Flávio B. de Paula
Flávio B. de Paula
Esther Gebauer
Thiago Biazzoto
Thiago Biazzoto
Bruno B. Dicolla
Henrique Lima
Daniel Moretti
Daniel Moretti
Patray Lui
Mariella Toscano
Mike Wolff
Luciana Araujo
Luciana Araujo
Javier Guerrero
Lucas Camargo
Marcelo Baldin
Shannon Brady
Shannon Brady
Erickson Enriquez
Erickson Enriquez
Doug Alves
Lucio Rufo
Dermot McConaghy
Benedita Feijó
Benedita Feijó
Benedita Feijó
Loreta Isac
Luciano Scherer